2012 RadioFallFest Photos: Auction Preview

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Below, pictures of items pledged to the Fall Fest Auction.

Rare Federal Type 57


Rare Federal Type 57

Rare Federal Type 57

Emerson Model 71-711 Console

FADA Projection TV

Philco Predicta Princess

Mitchell Lamp Radio

Philco Model 40-195

Philco Model 42-380


Majestic Clock Radio

Korting AM-FM Billy Model

TV-7 DU Tube Tester 1

TV-7 DU Tube Tester 2

Hallicrafts 40B

Hallicrafts SX71 and R46

Heathkit HR-10B and NC spkr

Heathkit DX-40

Heathkit DX-60B

TU7B and TU9B Trans Tuners

100 kV Tesla Coil

More Tesla Coil

Even More Tesla Coil

Heathkit SSB Tranceiver

BC 348Q Receiver

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