Crooked TV Repair Shops

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Crooked TV Repair Shops

Postby irawex » June 2nd, 2014, 10:05 am

I'm not sure how many of you all have heard this before; if not, it's a real treat for the TV (and radio too) enthusiasts.
Referenced below is the 08/09/51 radio broadcast of Dragnet. This episode is titled "The Big Screen."
According to the narrative, the popularity of television also brought on a rash of unscrupulous repair shops.
To catch one of these operators red-handed, Joe Friday and his crew bug a ' 16" Kaye-Halbert console' by purposely blowing out the 5U4G's filament, and then having repair shops come out and repair the set.
I found this very enjoyable to listen too, and pretty much technically correct. The term 'vertical blocking transformer' was used in place of 'vertical blocking oscillator transformer' probably for the benefit of non-technical listeners.
One question I have for the group: the show mentions the 'RTA' which I'm assuming was the precursor of the current ETA-I. ( I was 4 years old when the show was originally broadcast) I couldn't find any references to the RTA on the net, but I'm assuming that was a bonafide association.
At any rate, enjoy the show, (which is in the public domain).
Go here:, and the shows are in chronological order. Look for 51-08-09.
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