2007 RadioActivity Photos: Activities

RadioActivity 2007

Theme: Mail Orders Radios 


Photography by Domi Sanchez and James Privitera


The MAARC Presidents (Joe, Ed, and Geoff)

The Registration Desk

Ed Lyon's talk on Silvertone, Thursday Evening

James O'Neal's talk on "Fessenden's Contributions"

Ed Lyon's popular Repair Clinic, Friday

Banquet: Steve Hansman gets plaqued by Willie Sessoms


Banquet: Eric Stenberg gets plaqued by Geoff Shearer


Banquet: Geoff introduces Guest Speaker: Mark Stein

Banquet: Jim Wilson's fantastic Theme Radios display

Banquet: Transistor radios in the Theme Display


Banquet: More from the Theme Display

OEC: Dave Willenborg with his winning entry

OEC: Gary Alley with his winning entry

Geoff Bourne's talk on the Huntington Museum, Saturday

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